Classical Violin Studio

Jolanta Cebula


​I have a B.Mus. from Moncton University and M.Mus.Education from Laval University and many years of experience teaching in Europe and Canada.
I play classical music with Cape Breton Chamber Ensemble and I am a member of the Cape Breton Orchestra. 

I am a member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

The courses are based on the traditional methods of teaching violin with elements of the Suzuki method to make playing the violin easy and fun.​

about lessons

I invite you and your child (ages 3 and up) to come and try a method that I use for teaching violin (private violin lessons and group violin lessons).

Lessons are scheduled Monday through Saturday (between the hours of 9:00AM and 8:00PM) based on your availability and also my availability.

Weekly individual lessons help students acquire technical skills as well as the understanding of musical aspects (notes, rhythms, intonation... etc) of a musical piece. The content and the length (30min or 60min) of the individual lessons depend on personality, age, and the musical level of a student.

Group lessons are offered for motivation, enjoyment and to gain experience playing with others. 5 group lessons are the necessary preparation for concerts.

Violin Group Lessons for small children ( 3 - 8 )

I use a variety of songs, games, rhythms and instrument. The result is that children like to practice and to play violin for the long term.

 Your child do not need the violin

* Saturdays at 10 : 00 am - 10 : 45 am  

Fees : 15 $
GROUP LESSONS start on  Saturday, September 17th 2016

about concerts

Winter concert: December

(date will be agreed with parents and students)

Summer concert: June

(date will be agreed wit parents and students)

Students can also be prepared for the annual Cape Breton Kiwanis Festival.